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Hong Kong fair judicatory decides a secretary
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Every register the business that is finite responsibility at Hong Kong, need a basis method of Hong Kong company (thirtieth of exemple of Hong Kong law 2 chapters) commission director and company secretary, so that fulfill the legal liability of the company, reach maintain a company to be run basically. By began on Feburary 13, 2004, the lowermost requirement of trustee is decreased by two reach, and company secretary can be not held the position of by sole company director.

Company secretary is legal position, its post includes to be registered to the company those who manage any the structure that declares concerned company, main ways of the world is fluctuant; Plenary meeting of shareholder of the conference agenda that also needs to draft equipment company for trustee bureau, preparatory anniversary and offer major to seek advice to relevant legal rules.

As the company that provides professional service, when secretary of our affiliated company bright tassel serves limited company to be dedicated to reducing a client to face relevant law exemple, the worry that place may generate reachs doubt. The constituent outline constitution of the clause that whether can we already accord with company method exemple alertly for the client, specific company, company (form) byelaw, commerce is registered reach stamp duty exemple, down to company (clear dish) the need of the law that regulations and other concern and byelaw. We also are met nonsked the data that provides example of new company method for the client, and analyse narrates his to affect, so that client control replaces news, reach avoid needless misunderstanding or bring about meaningless amerce.

Abroad company serves limits

We can provide service of secretary of company of of all kinds form for the client, include:

◇ assistance is dealt with establish Hong Kong and other place (like British and maiden island) limited company

◇ delegate holds the position of legal firm secretary

◇ processing and the legal record that save a company (wait like shareholder register, trustee register)

◇ schedules trustee and shareholder meeting, handle the conference to record

◇ reports legal forms for reporting statistics, for example company annual report
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