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Buy common issue of empty shell company
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1: What is empty shell company?

Answer: Because the company is registered,hold water when needing, but partial personage may be badly in need of registering establish a company, sign contract or conduction other business with company name next. Accordingly, professional advisory service orgnaization, also be called ready-to-wear company (Readymade Company) . Empty shell company has the following characteristic normally:
1. Never commission director,
2. Had done good official seal, the file that the legal place such as stock book asks,
3. Never begin to run business,
Accordingly, purchaser simply offers place to require a file, can use immediately, and do not need concern to concealment risk.

2: Buy empty shell company to there is a risk?

Answer: Of empty shell company apply in major nation, for example Hong Kong, singapore, england, and other places of American He Kaiman archipelago, very general, and there won't be a risk below the circumstance of the majority. Normally, before ready-to-wear company is selling, be won't appoint any trustee, because this company also does not have influence to begin professional work, because this won't have potential risk.

And, when the client is buying empty shell company, countersign of advisory service orgnaization sends deed of security, proving this company to turn in share do not have an activity completely before the name, advisory service orgnaization also assures to turn all things before renown date are lost on responsibility. Accordingly, the client need not worry about any potential liability.

3: Can be empty shell company denied are there hidden debt and commercial issue?

Answer: Won't. All empty shell companies that our company sell, we can be offerred by currently hold the post ofpartner to issue correspondence to prove this company never begins run carry, did not buy any property, not was in debt, affirmatory meeting assumes all debenture Wu before selling date.

4: If buy empty shell company, when can begin to use?

Answer: When you receive us to identify advice note really, can use this firm, and a weekday after we connect the file that regular meeting asks at receiving us and money is given out affirm advice note. Although a few files of this company may have not sent, but you are OK also this company name will sign a contract to reach talk about the business.

5: After buying, I can take what file and target?

Answer: No matter be off-the-peg or brand-new company, you can take the " of " company data of one a complete set of, include among them:
1.The company is registered establish certificate Certificate Of Incorporation (example) ;
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