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Guideline of Wu of Hong Kong duty
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Benefit gets tax

The tax system of Hong Kong is simple and clear. Company profit gets tax rate for 17.5% . The individual enters interest tax rate highest it is 15.5%(to will increase to 16%) at year of O5 of 2 OO the four boundaries of a piece of land or a construction site only, belong to one of tax rate of global lowest, do not have collect any hidden " add " imposition. Only what come from Hong Kong directly enter breath and profit, only then beard imposition; Hong Kong is not had impose duty of capital value added tax, dividend or accrual tax; Tax-exempt specified amount and depreciation provide capital favourable; Hong Kong Yi Mozheng collects sale tax or value added tax.  

Data of average tax Wu

Company profit gets tax rate for 17.5% , belong to one of tax rate of the minimum inside the area. Entrance machine and raw material not need capture to pay custom duty; Dividend not also needs imposition. Hong Kong is not had impose capital value added tax, value added tax and sale tax. The off shore business of the professional reinsurance company that Hong Kong approves can be enjoyed more low get tax to the favourable company profit of 8.75% . Work to research and development, hong Kong implements favourable tax wide decrease measure, the studies an activity pay that the item that can deduct tax includes market research, feasibility to study etc and commerce and management learn to concern.

Depreciation avoids the amount of tax to be paid very favourable also. The new spending of soft hardware of the machine equipment that every concerns production and computer is uniform and instant can obtain of 100% cast aside annul; The capital spending that builds industrial edifice to reach a certain number of buildings can be obtained of 20% period the amount of tax to be paid is avoided first, period hind can obtain every year additional the tax-exempt specified amount of 4% , till expenditure forehead is cast aside entirely,sell. Commercial edifice can be obtained every year of 4% write duty-free specified number again. The government still offers funds, develop an activity in order to encourage technical company and the applied research that have commercial opportunity. In addition, groom the cost of staff study new science and technology can be enjoyed be as high as this funds of 75% to avoid the amount of tax to be paid. Basically, only company profit, pay and property hire income just need imposition. Reason this, relative to the tax rate of country of almost all and other development, the integral tax rate of Hong Kong effective is low really much. In major nation, all income and profit project all need capture to pay be as high as 40% to come the imposition of 50% , and be in Hong Kong, about tax rate major case is only 17.5% or the following. Result from only Hong Kong churchyard and the profit of the trade that runs in this harbor, industry or business just needs imposition, result from the income entirely outside Hong Kong condition not must pay tax. Salary duty also is confined to the pay that comes from Hong Kong, ability can be collected, any income entirely that come from an other place are duty-free.
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