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The bank opens an account common problem
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Ask: After establishing a company, how should open bank account?

Answer: When opening account, all company director must be dealt with to the bank personally, must inform us beforehand at the same time, we can be made relevant cooperate. You can choose to be in Hong Kong or account is opened in foreign capital bank of home, of Hong Kong call this locality account; Of inland call off shore account. The account that you open includes normally: Account of Hongkong dollar deposit (SAVING ACCOUNT) , account of foreign currency deposit (include all and global foreign currency) , Hongkong dollar current-account holder.

These 3 kinds of account can receive letter of credit. But if want to give letter of credit, must open L/C account. The document that the trustee when opening an account must prepare has: The identification file of trustee (identification or passport) original / original of the commercial card that register / register certificate original / company rules original / the company signs seal / the conference records original / the cash that stocks new account / if need to do what autograph witnesses, trustee still needs to prepare to open the financial condition that give to prove original by director seat bank (financial condition proves to should contain: Open an account passport or person full name, Id date, open an account forehead of date, deposit, with " bank contact records good " model of written characters) . What we serve content to have: Recommend open an account bank / preparation opens an account by what accountant signs record of file, conference and bank open an account requisition / arrangement introducer / arrangement person specially assigned for a task arrives open an account to be assisted all right deal with open an account after formalities bank accepts you to open account of good this locality, general meeting accepts you to stock cash immediately, but extraction cash must when the bank registers arrange to check to the company book affirm rear can deal with. New company checks time to be 10-20 about man-day.

Ask: Inside what city can open off shore account? If why handle the off shore account that opens in Shenzhen in different ground?

Answer: Will tell at present, in a few Hong Kong of Shenzhen, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Xiamen the bank can open off shore account. If client inconvenience goes to Shenzhen to come, they can do autograph testimony in Shanghai, Hangzhou, Beijing. The code can be used in different ground, through phone, fax demonstrative bank handles account. Some banks had begun to accept mode of operation of the bank on the net now.

Ask: Do Hong Kong this locality and registered permanent residence of outback off shore have assorted one to differ on the operation?

Answer: What Hong Kong account and off shore account have a few sides is different: it is pass in and out of Hong Kong capital does not get control on one hand, and off shore account is the account that opens in the foreign capital bank of Chinese churchyard, behoove gets of Chinese finance administration superintend. Accordingly, off shore account is told at present cannot stock cash; The 2nd it is the bank collects fees respect, account of Hong Kong this locality collects fees very less, and off shore account is to press every to collect fees. tripartite face is to open an account certificate is different, arrival of the person that off shore account can accept outback Id hold opens an account, and account of Hong Kong this locality opens an account with respect to the requirement the person must have passport or pass. Face of all directions: Function of account of Hong Kong this locality is all ready, and off shore account is restricted on a few functions. The 5th it is to open an account career respect, former faster, latter is slower.
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