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The foreign trader invests enterprise churchyard reinvest
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The foreign trader invests enterprise churchyard reinvest

The foreign trader invests enterprise churchyard reinvest, it is to show in China churchyard is established lawfully, management enterprise of the company of joint venture of China and foreign countries that takes form of finite liability company, collaboration of China and foreign countries and foreign capital enterprise and foreign trader invest Inc. , with the name of this enterprise, in Chinese churchyard investment creates a company or buy other company (" of the following abbreviation is invested the behavior of equity of company ") investor. The foreign trader invests investment of held churchyard of investment sex company, the law that according to country invests about the foreign trader, code and " the provisional regulation that runs investment sex company about foreign investment " deal with. Foreign investor and foreign investment company are in China jointly churchyard invests, the law that invests about the foreign trader according to the country, code is dealt with, the contributive scale of investor does not get country of its China and foreign countries commonly 25% under capital be registereded by investment company.


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