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Register graceful company
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Register graceful company

[generality and brief introduction]
Open graceful archipelago to be located in Jamaica northwest square 268 kilometers, miami is southern 640 kilometers, cuba with the Caribbean south in, gross area is 259 square kilometer, by Grand Cayman, 3 main islands comprise Cayman Brach and Little Cayman. Open graceful archipelago to belong to intertropical climate, winter climate is dry, population is made an appointment with 26, 000 people, among them 3, 000 people are ab extra immigrant. Because place still is British colony at present, so governmental senior officer all by flower empress appoints directly, but 12 congressman that single out via local general but proper motion legislation and the general affairs of finance and economics that are in charge of an island going up.
The politics that opens graceful archipelago is very stable for quite a long time, main official language is English, traffic respect: Have graceful aviation at present, miami of aviation of United States of beautiful book of northwest, law going there and back and leave graceful between, range needs 1 hour about.
Like the world all avoiding duty ground is same, as a result of what open graceful place rich indigent, serve in order to develop banking of form a complete set, loosen control, be dedicated to extending off shore business to attract foreign capital. Small graceful archipelago reachs big graceful archipelago to have the effect that hold the balance to cosmopolitan banking service, reach catholicity far crest with opening the dimensions of graceful archipelago greatly again among them at central america Caribbean each islands, 70% above are hired by local dweller the industry that finance and commerce concern. Open the rise suddenly of graceful archipelago, basically can edit at any time in Yu Jizheng government office law the leadership position that waits for a respect in order to maintain its in finance, safe, commerce, at present 572 worlds famous bank creates subsidiary bank here, provide financial service, add up to absorbed the deposit that comes from world each district to make an appointment with one billion four hundred million four hundred and forty-seven thousand four hundred and twenty-four U.S. dollors, also be one of staple market that global Europe currency trades at the same time.

[general information]
The company pattern that drives graceful archipelago can divide it is 3 kinds: General place business company (Ordinary Resident Company) , business company of general blame place (Non-resident Company) reach exempt company (Exempted Company) ; Among them exempt company (Exempted Company) basically be planned with what will make financial field by each country enterprise, individual, but do not manage in place. Leaving graceful the company outside registered condition can hang out his shingle at the stock market of and other places of the United States, Hong Kong, Singapore trade.
In recent years, leave while graceful government is expanding finance, insurance and ship business energetically, strengthen the credit that the finance outside its condition handles actively, sign with the United States, England " common law is assisted " agreement, so that be on guard jointly,international crime organization is used graceful financial system undertakes trading illegally, create good, stable economy environment thereby. Leaving graceful the company outside creating a situation, need to offer to register an address only, the trustee of an above / partner, company director, partner and cadre material are not published external, register capital to also do not need check endowment to reach reach the designated position.
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