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Register British company
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Register British company

[generality and brief introduction]
England is the island country that a lot of around islands composition reach Britannic island and Irish island. Be close to east the North sea, face the nation such as Belgian, Holand, Germany, Denmark and Norway; On the west adjacent Ireland, the horizontal stroke lies between stand far apart facing each other of Atlantic and United States, Canada; North crosses Atlantic Ke Dabing island; The the English Channel is worn to go south 33 kilometers arrive France.

[general news]
England is old industrial developed country, agriculture does not take important place in British economy. In industrial production, oil and natural gas development are only rapid. Iron and steel once was the department that England has life most, auto industry remains the main component of British economy, already also made a component of whole Europe auto industry.
England is a country that opens highly external, specified number of annual imports and exports has quite large proportion in production value of its country ministry. England has the food of 26% and raw material every year to want to be imported from the foreign country about, the dependence to world economy rate is older. Main export goods is machinery, half industrial product and industrial mouth.

[British company dominant position]
● does not pay tax legally (do not do business in British place)
● establishs cost not tall
● maintains cost every year low
● duty Wu arranges advantage
● registers capital not to need to reach the designated position
● legal system is sound and extraordinary stability
● brand is built, credit is spent tall, confidence is reliable
A partner can open ● British company, stateless limitation
● can be in any world banks to open bank registered permanent residence
● support service is simple, company image credit is admirable, extremely confidential strong, international position is higher

[item of company application procedure and charge, other or service]
1, application condition: A company director of above and partner (the natural person that confines without international or legal person) , effective identification file (Id or passport) ;
2, register capital: Register capital to be 100 pound.
3, conduction charge: RMB10000
4, conduction time: Make an appointment with 20 man-day.
5, handle the document that finish: 1, the company registers certificate; 2, company meeting record; 3, register of partner, trustee, secretary; 4, company outline and constitution; 5, company stock; 6, chapter of company sign one's name and steel seal.
6, conduction flow: → of a power of attorney signs → of deposit of consultative → consign to deal with relevant formalities to the government sector
20 man-day pay → more than data that get.
7, the 2nd annual fee: Charge is 7000 (include governmental cost, secretary charge)
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