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Register BVI company
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Register BVI company

British limited company of the Virgin Islands registers a manual British dimension Beijing archipelago is located in 60 miles to the south of Puerto Rico, proximate beauty belongs to dimension Beijing archipelago, belong to semi-tropical climate, the capital is TORTOLA, highway develops. British dimension Beijing archipelago is comprised by 50 islands, cover an area of 59 square mile, about 15 islands are inhabited. Among them the biggest is to cover an area of 21 square mile, have 19, the TORTOLA of 000 population. British dimension Beijing archipelago is an autonomic management, pass independent Boule legislation, what politics stabilizes is British colony, it has become the metropolis that expands activity of abroad business affairs. The two pillar industry of this island is registered for tourism and company of abroad off shore. The world is numerous of big bank garrison reach advanced communication transportation facilities to make British the center of banking of abroad off shore that Wei Jingqun island becomes ideal. Current, already had more than 250, company of 000 abroad off shore already was in British Wei Jingqun island is registered, this makes British dimension Beijing archipelago becomes the abroad off shore with the rapiddest development on the world to invest one of centers. The use of the dollar is in British dimension Beijing archipelago already was become lawful, official language of place is English. Be in British the advantage that dimension Beijing archipelago registers company of abroad off shore
□ commerce is run convenient, taxation system is sound
□ is completely confidential
□ need not declare the person that be benefited
□ need not declare annual interest embellish and financial standing
□ need not hold shareholder plenary meeting or board of directors every year on scheduleTaxation Company of abroad off shore is absolved all local taxation reach stamp dutyBelongings protection Utmost valuables buried by landlords or rich peasants produces protection, convenience capital is transferredSecrecy The direct data that does not seek abroad off shore to the company makes public financial standing or reach trustee about registering the partner of the companyNimbleness The share of company of abroad off shore is OK free buying and sellingRegister British dimension Beijing archipelago is abroad the requirement of off shore company
Form: Have an applicant only (register a representative) can establish company of abroad off shore
Name: Company name must with " of ending of " limited company, be like: LIMITED, CORPORATION, INCORPORATED or their abbreviate, be like: LTD, CORP or S.A. . Company name cannot be thought with " of " trust company or " bank " or other the word of meaning likeness is terminal, unless these companies are in British dimension Beijing archipelago obtains corresponding license.
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