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Register Macao company
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Register Macao company

[generality and brief introduction]
Macao is located in southeast our country of mouth of coastal Pearl River on the west bank, its north is linked together with closing brake to be the Gongbei of bound and Zhuhai special economic zone, lonely ocean and Hong Kong photograph are lain between to look east, the distance makes an appointment with 40 sea mile only, the Nanhai of vast is close to south. Accompanying Chinese reforming and opening, today's Macao manages the one part of delta of Pearl River of area of fast growth of alive bound economy, become the trigonometry region of take off the economy repeatedly with Hong Kong and Guangzhou, the economy to area of itself and its vicinity grows so advantaged situation to having quite main effect.

[general news]
The economic structure of Macao is main by exit line of business of variety of rich of manufacturing industry, travel, banking industry is mixed landed bldg. form. Come from 1982 1996, total output value of Macao this locality (GDP) by 7.977 billion yuan growth reachs fifty-nine billion three hundred and thirty-seven million yuan. Gross National Product of Macao average per capita was 17 thousand much dollar 1996, before 5 rank in Asian country and area, be gone to label the country of global tall per capita and one of areas by world silver.

[Macao company dominant position]
The kind that ● pursues entering a company that tastes commerce to be able to carry move price implements section tax
● answers outback investment to enjoy privilege with the name of Macao company
● serves as a brand to build with abroad company, credit is spent tall, confidence is reliable
● registers capital not to need to reach the designated position
● legal system is sound and extraordinary stability
The treatment platform of Macao of ● have the aid of, taste importer facilitating CEPA the product of 0 custom duty below enters the mainland
● can be in any world banks to open bank registered permanent residence
● support service is simple

[item of company application procedure and charge, other or service]
1, application condition: A company director of above and two partner (the natural person that confines without international or legal person) , effective identification file (Id or passport) ;
2, register capital: Register capital to be Macao money 20 thousand Wu Qianyuan.
3, conduction charge: RMB8, RMB4000=RMB12000 of 000 secretaries charge
4, conduction time: Make an appointment with 12 man-day.
5, handle the document that finish: 1, commerce is registered (business charter) ; 2, M1 is in of revenue register; 3, constitution 10;
4, order of a company 5, add endowment stamp duty
6, conduction flow: → of a power of attorney signs → of deposit of consultative → consign to deal with relevant formalities to the government sector
12 man-day pay → more than data that get.
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