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Register American company
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Register the United States company [generality and brief introduction] The United States is located in North America mid, territory still includes the Hawaiian archipelago with the Alaska of ministry of northwest of the North American and mid Pacific Ocean. North and Canadian border on, mexico and Mexican bay lean south, pacific Ocean is faced on the west, be close to east Atlantic. Area 9629091 square kilometer, native land thing grows 4500 kilometers, north and south is wide 2700 kilometers, coasting grows 22680 kilometers. Major area belongs to continental climate, the south belongs to semi-tropical climate. In upper Campagna difference in temperature is very big, chicago is average in January air temperature - 3 ℃ , july 24 ℃ ; Mexican bay is coastal average in January air temperature 11 ℃ , in July 28 ℃ . Current, american administration division into districts is 10 earths area: New england area, central area, medium Atlantic area, southwest, Abala engraves inferior mountain area, high mountain area, southeast, Pacific Ocean is coastal region, big lake area and Alaska and Hawaiian. Share special zone of 50 city and Colombia of capital seat Washington, have 3042 counties. Official language of the United States is English, currency is an U.S. dollor. The United States has the modern market economy that develops highly, its gross domestic product and volume of foreign trade all occupy world first place, have system of relatively perfect macroscopical economy adjusting control. The United States is the biggest commodity on the world and service trade country. Market of before the United States 5 big export is Canada, Mexico, Japan, England and China; Market of before 5 big entrances is Canada, China, Mexico, Japan and Germany. American rich is rich. [the advantage of American company] American company is a basis the company method exemple of American mainland registers the off shore company that establish. This kind of company results from the abroad company such as BVI, Bermuda, Seychelles, american government tries to consider control these places, but come 20 years all the time make a futile effort, achieve a law newly to come out so, relax the company registers limitation, invest in order to attract abroad. Register American company to have the advantage that highlights below: ※ international credit is spent reach self-identity to spend tall, can open company account at global bank; Position of ※ international law is high, get American government protection, admit suffer a gender wonderful; Mainland of ※ blame United States manages income taxation of beardless pay United States; If make a brand publicize, can do business not active declare without duty; ※ makes the whole world well-known trademark; ※ registers fund need not check endowment and reach the designated position; Limitation of ※ company name is little, can add " international " , " group " , " industrial " , " accuse " wait for a word. ※ can use property of company name business.
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