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Register Chinese trademark
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Register Chinese trademark

The business that a successful brand can increase trademark holder praise. This not only can bring rich and generous profit, yi Ke popularizes business for trademark holder. To ensure the rights and interests on these intellectual property, trademark holder should undertake registered for his brand. Once brand application wins approval, the applicant has the exclusive access of brand. In addition, get when beneficial of trade mark right when tort, the applicant can go to law< the action, prohibitive its tort behavior and chase after demand compensation. Accordingly, the method of optimal safeguard, it is to replace oneself brand to undertake registering. Any enterprises or individual all can entrust this center to be in world of down to of inland, Hong Kong, United States each country does sth for sb application brand is registered; Our company handle top of application brand thing personally by start international group. Can assist an applicant to fill in a power of attorney, content includes design of category of applicant data, product, brand to wait, after a power of attorney fills appropriate, this center begins to put forward to register application for the applicant.

One, brand files an order
1, the Chinese that in inquiring place wants registered trade mark, includes and English and graph. According to applicant requirement, whether does total bureau inquiry have brand to already was registered without identical or approximate brand to China prevenient.
2, design of the brand that make.
3, put forward to register application.
4, get application receipt
5, the government is accepted, make interior examine
6, through examining, in the newspaper announcement
7, file of the reentry after carrying announcement receives letter

2, application condition
1, apply for with natural person or legal person;
2, the Chinese that offers brand or foreign language name;
3, certain brand registers a category;
4, if your brand is color, must appoint which kinds of color;

3, what application requires a data
1.With legal person application, add " business charter " Xerox 1; Apply for 1 to add individual Id file with the natural person;
2.Clear brand design 8 (photo paper is not accepted) , picture dimension requirement does not exceed 10 × 6 centimeters;
3.Fill in a power of attorney 1, a power of attorney must be signed by the applicant or sign by agent;

4, brand registers conduction flow
Inquiry = " application registers = " the brand that get accepts advice note = " the first time examine and approve = " publish brand announcement = " formal approval (perhaps object) = " certificate of the brand that get

5, charge of application China brand
1, file charge of brand of first kinds of breed all RMB 2200 yuan (do not include to examine cost) .
2, above all, prepaid check cost RMB 500 yuan; The 2nd, check book application is done to register a document after passing, affirm to neat fee pays after signing.
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