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The company is cancelled
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1, have deny owe governmental amount due, include: A) annalsB) B RC) impositionD) amerce
2, have deny owe external debt
Remove sb's name from the rolls include to publish constitution newspaper in governmental publication in the program, 3 months reach by a definite date 5 months, during be like the newspaper that ascend constitution, somebody objects, criterion this company cannot cancel, conversely, after the newspaper that ascend constitution is finished, the government can give official letter classics of formalities of formal announcement cancel oneself finish!
3, cancel work program
After the government cancels constitution to declare, our company completed all working programs. If be in,somebody objects, working program can be stopped.
4, bank registered permanent residence
After constitution the press is ascended, bank registered permanent residence cancels automatically, superabundant money reachs place reach a company to register place.
5, government sector
After the newspaper that ascend constitution, be equal to an announcement all government sectors, do not need to pay attention to any government sector files again.
6, provide a data:
The company registers photocopy of data of director of shareholder of certificate, company to wait
7, charge: RMB4000
8, time: 3-6 month
Actually company of each application cancel must refer a nucleus to count a report to the government! ! Can absolve by the ability that establishs application cancel meantime to never had done any business only.

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