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Apply a form code
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Apply a form code
Form code files an order:

1.Apply for to register a limited company in Hong Kong above all

2.The company is registered after ending, apply for to join consortium of encode of kinds or types of goods of " Hong Kong namely "

Cent of overall membership membership is association of encode of Hong Kong kinds or types of goods 3 categories, the member collects fees as follows:

Admission of category employee number year cost closes in all
A 0-9 3, 180 3, 180 6, 360
B 10-99 7, 420 7, 420 14, 840
C 100 above 7, 420 11, 660 19, 080
★ needs to refer a file to prove employee strength in order to this, for example: Employee labor insurance or accumulate gold by force to offer a list;

★ needs to refer commerce to register card carbon;

3.Initiate is rear qualified application product form code marks.

4.Apply for a form code to approve below 999, RMB4, 000 yuan.

5.Conduction time: 7-8 workaday application ends. Can print legally go up at the product.

The client needs to offer Hong Kong company to register certificate, commerce registers card. Additional provide product the name of an article, norms reachs brand data.

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