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Sell regulation continuously (the State Council makes the 443rd)
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General principles of the first chapter

The first spends act continuously for the standard, strengthen the superintendency to selling an activity continuously, prevent con, the legitimate rights and interests that protects consumer and society are communal interest, enact this ordinance.

The 2nd is engaged in selling an activity continuously in churchyard of People's Republic of China, ought to abide by this byelaw.

The range that sells a product continuously is in charge of a branch by business affairs of the State Council the expands state and consumer demand that jointly with the State Council basis of department of industrial and commercial administration sells line of business continuously is firm, announce.

This the 3rd byelaw place says to be sold continuously, it is to point to the member that sell enterprise recruit continuously continuously, it is by the member that sell continuously besides fixed business place direct to ultimate consumer (consumer of the following abbreviation) the distribute way that markets a product.

This byelaw place says to sell a business continuously, it is to show this byelaw sets according to to take the business that sells means to sell a product continuously via approval.

This byelaw place weighs the member that sell continuously, it is to point to in the personnel that consumer markets the product directly besides fixed business place.

The 4th company that creates in churchyard of People's Republic of China () of enterprise of the following abbreviation, can of product of birth of the product that this orders provision application makes according to sell this enterprise to produce with selling kind continuously and its parent company, holding company sell a business continuously.

Sell an enterprise to be able to obtain trade advantageous position and cent to sell right lawfully continuously.

The 5th member that sell an enterprise to reach its to be sold continuously continuously is engaged in selling an activity continuously, must not deceit, misdirect waits to publicize and promote action.

Its duty divides the work and this byelaw sets according to of department of branch of director of commerce of the 6th the State Council and industrial and commercial administration, responsible to be being sold continuously the enterprise is mixed the member that sell continuously reachs his to sell an activity to carry out supervisory management continuously.

The 2nd chapter sells enterprise and its branch continuously establish and change

The 7th application is become sell a business continuously, ought to have following requirement:

(One) investor has good commercial reputation, do not have 5 years continuously before offerring application great violate management record; Foreign investor still ought to have the experience that 3 years above is engaged in selling an activity continuously outside Chinese condition;
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