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The company registers national rate
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What there are a lot of majors to do company registration book to act as agent on the market is an office, they are general can apace helps you register the business come down (5 - 7 weekday) . But these serve an unit also the good and bad are intermingled, some need everybody's particularly advertent place.

Here exemple lifts office of representative of registration book of a company to register the each respect fee that 100 thousand yuan of company place that register fund need:
1, take according to cost: The 0.8 ‰ =80 that registers capital yuan, cost of business charter carbon 10 yuan, announcement expends 500 yuan Aggregate: 590 yuan (collection of industrial and commercial bureau)
2, complete set official seal (include to examine and approve and engrave make) : 300 yuan (the attention is 4 chapters commonly, among them financial regulation is copper)
3, check endowment: 600 yuan (by register capital 2 millesimals collect fees, but under 600 yuan collect fees by 600 yuan)
4, code card: 30 yuan;
5, tax of country, land: 10 yuan
6, stamp duty: About 80 yuan
7, duty Wu acts as agent: 300 yuan
8, industrial and commercial representative: 500 yuan
Above cost is total also 2000 much, the charge of above is included industrial and commercial register and duty Wu is registered. General namely this price, you are in when registering the company that register must item-by-item asks each fee clear, because some serve an unit to be able to use you to give you to knowledge of Wu of industrial and commercial, duty,set a few small trap, for instance he begins you a very low service price, assure 7 days in obtain business license to you. But you want to know, business license is being obtained in the process that an enterprise registers is industrial and commercial only the registration book of this part was finished, still have the job that duty Wu registers actually, but when you know this is nodded, often had begun to accept their service, at that time you talk about service price to lie below adverse circumstance. And list above me each are already them all jobs included, charge namely such.

Other still having those who want an attention is, new " company method " after coming on stage, registering capital to be not worth the finite liability company of 30 thousand also is can of bill of tax of found a state, you should register your company according to your real fund condition.

If do not register finite liability company namely, and register to cry " XX center " enterprise, this kind " center " company property is similar to an institute, register this kind of enterprise to need minimum only 30 thousand yuan register fund, and development, sale can be done. Register this to plant " center " the enterprise should cost 2000 yuan of less than about.

If you want to register his company and do not have capital, need others helps you when mat endowment, endowment sheet is entered in what opposite party must demand after be being registered, otherwise your will pass very hard when annual check, remind at this o'clock especially did not register fund and the friend that wants to do poineering work.
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