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Register an address about the enterprise (abode proves) define
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Since June 19, 2006, every belongs to the residence (contain apartment, villatic, bungalow to wait) the house property of utility and use of house property card indicate state cannot discern the house property that is the residence or commercial use (contain business to live, wait integratedly) all do not grant industrial and commercial register.

Beijing company registers a net to go to the lavatory you affirm whether house property can be registered, be as follows circumstance introduction, consult for you, press the row asks to prepare please:

1, " abode (management place) " column should fill in detailed address, be like " road of × of × of area of Beijing × × (street) room of × of × of × × date " .

2, the abode that application registers (management place) be the residence, villatic, apartment, the mechanism that register does not grant registration book.

The applicant uses branch of concerned government function to issue a file to give the specific illegal construction area, land commandeer area, area that tear open change and government of each area county do not grant clearly to register the bungalow of the area to handle registration book, the mechanism that register does not grant registration book.

The building that ground floor of use house building plans to be commercial use applies for to register be engaged in meal recreation of service, singing and dancing, offer Internet to get online treatment of service place, production, make, of accommodation, the mechanism that register does not grant registration book.

3, property right person should be in " property right person proves " sign inside column, affix one's seal, property right person is an unit build unit official seal, property right signs of factitious natural person by oneself, refer what sign by affix one's seal of property right unit or property right person at the same time " building droit card " Xerox.

4, the abode that application registers (management place) did not obtain " building droit card " , differ respectively circumstance, issue the following proof:

(1) the building droit that refers a building to be in charge of branch or local government to issue is attributive reach its " building droit card " the proof document that handling.

(2) the building is new purchased commodity house, refer what sign by the person that buy a house or buy house unit stamp to buy the room contract photocopy and photocopy of the bill that buy a house, commodity house that builds estate to develop business official seal to open to booking licence photocopy.

(3) the building is rented commodity house, or the commodity house for private use that development business develops with place serves as abode (management place) , the building that refers development trade opens to booking licence and the photocopy of business charter.

(4) the building is what build a house oneself, refer build appoint the complete of affix one's seal is checked and accept put on record watch photocopy.
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