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How to deal with a bank to enter endowment produce the expected result endowment
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1, conduction company registers deposit enterprise registers fund

Handle manage matter: Enter endowment (it is one of partner are dealt with personally commonly, can entrust other to do sth for sb sometimes)

Handle affairs orgnaization: The area is industrial and commercial bureau nominated bank

Conduction place: Industrial and commercial bureau or investment serve the area the hall

Conduction time limit: The data is complete stand etc desirable

Conduction program: Oneself show one of shareholder face to face the Id original → of all partner fills in to be stocked into endowment sheet → register capital → to be gotten endowment primitive into bill

Rate: Without collect fees

Provide data: Offer reference only below, enter with each please endowment the specific requirement of the bank is accurate.

⑴ " company name beforehand approve advice note " or " company name changes approve advice note " original and photocopy;

Original of Id of ⑵ all partner reachs Xerox, make clear each partner to join capital specified number in Xerox, legal person unit refers original of carbon of contributive unit business charter and photocopy contributively (build official seal) ;

⑶ registers fund;

① natural person is contributive: Cash or bank are connected keep the deposit book that tell exchange or get stuck; It is to point to account of individual settle accounts commonly.

② legal person is contributive: Contributive unit check and the person name order that become legislative person newly reach a power of attorney. (some areas need not)

2, Conduct legal test endowment formalities

Handle manage matter: Conduct legal test endowment formalities

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