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How is the company registered when doing poineering work
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With our country active law, the legal approach that the individual does poineering work basically has: Application is registered be engaged in private industry and commerce, create finite liability company, create partnership company, establish an individual solely invested enterprise.

If you are engaged in poineering activity is main with you oneself or the small commodities that the labor of domestic member is a foundation is retail reach meal, tonsorial, wash very hot, beautiful inn, the press retail wait for a society to serve industry, suggest you apply for to register become individual and industrial and commercial door. Individual and industrial and commercial door capital does not have statutory requirement, its manage income to put in citizen individual or family 's charge all. But individual and industrial and commercial door do not belong to economic organization, do not have corporate organization, want to bear infinite joint liability to oneself debt; Among them, the individual manages, repay with personal property, the family manages, repay with domestic worth.

If you are about to create finite liability company, by new " company method " partner number needs 2 above 50 the following, its register capital to be not gotten little at followingLowermost limitation 30 thousand yuan. Also can register for one person limited company, lowest registers capital to be 100 thousand yuan, and need is one-time clear. Partner can use a money contributive, also can use property right of objective, industry, blame evaluate of access of patent technology, land is contributive. Technology of patent of property right of contributive to regarding as objective, industry, blame or land access, must undertake assessment evaluate, check belongings, do not get overmeasure to perhaps underestimate evaluate. With industrial property right (basically be patent, brand) , 20% what be not the amount with patent technology contributive evaluate to must not exceed a company to register capital, but the gain of new and high technology that holds about the branch via the country can be occupied 30% what register capital. Accordingly, if you use finite responsibility form to do poineering work, besides the others partner contributive reach can regard contributive blame as monetary worth, you serve as contributive likelihood actually with cash money greatly under 100 thousand yuan. Limited company partner must be after company name approve, before company business charter is promulgated and by legal test endowment the unit is contributive to partner undertake test and verify. Itself of finite liability company assumes responsibility to debenture Wu with its asset, company shareholder with its contributive forehead in the limit of assumes responsibility to the company. Do poineering work to always have a risk, if suggest likely,you are pressed as far as possible " company method " use form of finite liability company to undertake poineering.

If you are about to create partnership company, basis " partnership law " must have two above partner. The legal enrollment to partnership business capital asks without lowermost limit and need enforces by legal orgnaization the requirement of check endowment, but the contributive means that requirement copartner ought to agree according to partnership agreement, amount and capture pay contributive time, fulfil contributive obligation. Copartner is OK reach a service with right of access of money, objective, land, intellectual property, other property contributive. With the money contributive, should carry in partnership agreement bright or the written document that issues all copartner to maintain; With objective contributive, the droit that should issue objective or license are used at the use proof that partnership company invests; With land access contributive, should issue land access proof; With intellectual property contributive, should issue the droit of intellectual property or use a proof; Cannot obtain droit and use proof, ought to have the written file that all copartner holds; With the service contributive, should carry in partnership agreement bright or the written document that issues classics collectivity copartner to maintain. Partnership business and finite liability company are different, its compensate for with partnership company worth first to company debt, compensating for when inadequacy, with its by copartner belongings assumes infinite joint liability. When partnership business is established although do not have lowermost limit contributive requirement, but assume infinite joint liability to partnership company debt as a result of copartner, reason risk is bigger. If you use partnership form to do poineering work, choose partnership target carefully please.
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