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Company registration book
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The individual is solely invested registration book of company partnership company

 is special submit to to notice:
The investor of solely invested enterprise invests the individual qualificatory issue, the contributive seniority issue of the copartner of partnership business, and the individual is solely invested of chief of company branch chief, partnership business branch hold a post qualificatory issue is entered by the lock of system of Beijing credit information " caution information system " personnel, the partnership of business of the investor that cannot regard an individual as solely invested enterprise during the lock is entered, partnership is accompanied, cannot hold the position of an individual chief of chief of branch of solely invested company, partnership business branch

 applies kind
The applicant is divided outside registering a place to offer application to the enterprise directly, still can pass mail, data of fax, fax, electron is exchanged and the blame such as email secures a form to put forward.
The requisition form text version that the format text that the applicant files administration to permit place to refer with be not fixed form ought to use Beijing to be versed in management board of commercial firm politics is offerred.
The applicant refers administration to permit application with be not fixed form, ought to submitting data while, offer an applicant or classics applicant lawfully address of the connection phone of precatory agent full and accurate, communication, email, entrust a file to wait.
The applicant permits an orgnaization to put forward administration to permit application to the administration that is versed in commercial firm politics runs office with letter kind, ought to be the original of concerned application file, certificate, application file signs, affix one's seal should be taken seriously solid, effective.

 individual is solely invested the concept of the enterprise
The individual is solely invested the enterprise is to point to according to " the individual is solely invested law of enterprises " establish in Chinese churchyard, invest by a natural person, belongings is investor individual all, investor assumes the management substance of infinite responsibility to the debt of the enterprise with its personal property.
The requirement that solely invested enterprise should have the individual:
1, investor is a natural person; Law, code prohibits be engaged in seeking profits the person of sexual activity, must not regard an individual as investor of solely invested company;
2, have legal company name, must not use in the name " finite " , " finite responsibility " or " company " model of written characters;
3, the contributive specified number that investor is declared;
4, fixed production manages place and necessary production to run a condition.

&#The concept of 61548; partnership business
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