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What change of card of Wu of tax of country, land requires a data
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Original of carbon of 1. business charter
2. Original of carbon of card of origanization construction code
3. Wu of tax of tax of country, land registers card, carbon original
4. Official seal
5. Involve modificatory legal representative, need to provide Id of new legal person, photograph (big a inch) 5 pieces of original
6. Involve modificatory company dwelling place, need to offer the relevant document original of new ground
7. Involve modificatory shareholder, need to offer rules of check endowment report, company, partner to make over consultative original
Remarks every involves change company name, legal representative, register form of type, business accounting to reach management dwelling place, need to run clear bill of substation clear tax, be in by administrative branch bureau " registration form of modificatory duty Wu " on sum an opinion. Every runs management dwelling place because of change of migratory outskirt, outside removing afore-mentioned materials, still need to offer auditorial report and administrative branch bureau to sum an opinion " registration form of modificatory duty Wu " and " cancel duty Wu registration form " .

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