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BDGH become the first registered company RICS
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BDGH Shanghai Co., Ltd. has become a land valuation of real estate the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) regulation of the first Chinese companies. BDGH Vice Chairman and Executive Director of the Board of Directors Mr. Li Xu ceremony at the company headquarters, the RICS accept certificates issued, marking the eight Guorui become RICS registered companies. This means BDGH campaign is currently in the public and can be used in "RICS registered company" sign. The flag indicates that the enterprises are running the highest standards of professional conduct. Meanwhile, as the company received regulatory RICS, BDGH have appropriate and adequate amount of professional liability insurance to protect customer and company interests. In addition, RICS offers well-known independent dispute resolution services to ensure that any customer complaint can be impartial, professional and effective solution. In an interview with the certificate, Mr. Li Xu said: "Looking ahead, China's real estate and construction industry in the coming years there will be rapid growth. As the first registered as a company to accept RICS regulation, we in sight. RICS registered company certificate will enhance our in accordance with the RICS 'Red Book' valuation for the highest standards of professional services to provide a wide range of impression. " Mr. Li Xu is a leading valuation and consulting services are one. Assessment in the field of international values in mainland China, he has more than 18 years of experience. China's most international financial institutions had a history of the valuation report with his signature. As one of the pioneers of the international valuation, Mr. Li Xu in the market enjoy a high degree of prestige at the same time, he is Distinguished Professor of Tsinghua University. He is also the first Chinese RICS Chartered Surveyors, and access to training examiners RICS qualification, that he can train to become a professional member of RICS Asia Pacific Competency Assessment (APC) examiners. Mr. Li Xu is also an active member of professional organizations at home and abroad, in a variety of seminars, lectures his popularity. He was the first professional to obtain membership of RICS valuation citizens of Mainland China, and the first elected President of the China Branch of China RICS members. BDGH now officially become the first RICS registered company, Mr. Li Xu is another first for BDGH is an exciting honor.
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