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False identity fraud up the company in January 11 million farmers "manager" j
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For the fraud, only junior middle school education Zhang farmers to fake ID companies incorporated in Xiamen, in the success of the stolen property within a short span of one month 115,400 yuan. Recently, Zhang found guilty of contract fraud were sentenced to 4 years, Siming District Court. Early December 2004 to early January 2005, Zhang together with "old Liu," and others, for obtaining by deception, Imperial House, a room rented as office space, and use of forged identity card in advance incorporated Imperial Import and Export of Xiamen Xin company, by the pseudonym Zhang He appointed the legal representative of the country. To avoid the Big Sleep, crime exposure, Zhang and others have agreed to a month for the fraud period, the first custom-made uniforms to the ground in a garment factory in Xiamen swindled 25,400 yuan worth of clothing; to have the goods to be delivered after the grounds of fraud were Tianjin, Zhangzhou contract logistics company 60,000 yuan and 30,000 yuan deposit. Later, Zhang and others that away.
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