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Laid-off workers break up the company employed nearly a hundred people led Ven
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If the fisherman brought brand dumplings, and many local people are very familiar with Dalian. As the founder of the fisherman dumplings, Sun Aili in just two and half years, with ancestral processing seafood dumplings recipe, insisted on not mixed any additives, preservatives, only toad oil, red wine blending, successfully prepared her own fisherman card dumplings into the market, and now endless stream of orders. Although along the way is very difficult, but hang around Sun Aili. With many different entrepreneurs, Sun Aili and her entrepreneurial team, all composed by laid-off workers, at present, Sun Aili has led hundreds of unemployed laid-off workers re-employed. Break up the company laid-off workers start Road In 1996, Sun Aili laid-off workers, there were several attempts to re-employment are due to job instability and failed. April 2008, Sun Aili led the 19 sisters up the Dalian Fisherman's Food Co., Ltd., specializing in dumplings fisherman card processing, the plant is through a well-intentioned people in society to help solve. Enterprises in the early days very difficult. "That's when employees are sitting in the bus to the neighborhood, going door to door to promote their products, and some people do not understand, individuals also threw out directly to the dumplings." Sun Aili said, in preparation for funding, Sun Aili even its own unique a set of housing sold, moved home to the factory directly. After that business conditions in the government financial support given to enterprises, the company slowly began to operational. Promote the employment of laid-off workers nearly a hundred people Sun Aili told reporters that they and other brands the biggest difference is that she has ancestral secret deal with dumplings, dumpling, not mixed with any additives, preservatives, only toad oil, red wine blending, storage of results than the national storage standards, cook together taste and just the same package. "Spanish mackerel fisherman dumplings dumplings and other seafood main card, in Shenyang, Changchun and other hotels are very popular, broad market prospects." The company launched products as many as 16 kinds of dumplings, and widely recognized by society. On the train, hospitals, supermarkets, hotels and other star figure dumplings are fishermen. Currently, Sun Aili has driven nearly re-employment of laid-off workers unemployed. Currently, the fisherman with dumplings being recruited for the point of the city, laid-off workers to join with the threshold for the point of no funds, so long as there is room door first place to facilitate the sale of frozen food can be, after a year of operation, with the number of points has been increased for to 9, over the four downtown districts. Sun Aili told reporters that the company is on track, endless stream of orders. "Our products are very popular, long before the Spring Festival dumplings orders booked, orders for the amount of nearly 200 million. For the company's future, Sun Aili also his own vision: "According to the company's plans, the end of 2012, the company's products will cover the entire Northeast; 2015 for distribution in the four downtown districts for the number of points will be developed to 80, and product sales network of radiation to the entire country. "
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