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National economy classification of occupation and code GBT4754-2002
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1 purpose and suitable scope
The 1.1 development to get used to socialist market economy, reflect the structure of national economy interior and development condition correctly, it is a country macroscopical management, the economic management of various government sector and guild and undertake conduct propaganda of scientific research, education, news, information seeks advice from a service to wait offer unified classification of occupation and encode, tailor-made revise this criterion.
1.2 standards offer organization of office of enterprise, institution, state, society to differentiate the industry is used. In plan, statistic, financial accounting, taxation, labour commercial firm politics manages and macroscopical management, branch runs the country in waiting for a job, according to the regulation of this standard, handle material of classification of occupation, the analysis that undertakes concerned considers to work.
2 classification principle
2.1 serve as with the principle that differentiates about statistical unit in system of new countryman economic accounting differentiate the basic principle of the industry, notice to distinguish in classification the first, 2, 3 industries.
2.2 basises have classified principle by the oneness of economic activity property, basically mix by group of enterprise, institution, office namely individual the production that is engaged in from place of personnel of course of study runs an activity or property of other socioeconomy activity undertakes classification of occupation, and what do not belong to administration system classification by its. Some industry is to show those who be engaged in all units that plant or basically undertake a kind of activity is polymeric for its essence.
The 2.3 experience that absorb standard of classification of occupation of world each country actively, classify to the international standard industry of U.N. as far as possible in specific classification (ISIC) draw close, undertake international data contrasts in order to facilitate.
3 differentiate the main unit of the industry
The of all kinds origanization construction such as office of 3.1 enterprises, institution, state and social organization, all serve as with industrial activity unit differentiate the main unit of national economy industry. Industrial activity unit is to point to the unit that is engaged in plant or basically undertaking activity of a kind of economy in a place. To most enterprise. For administrative institution, the economic activity that undertakes because of them is singler, consequently they are industrial activity unit. But to large joint venture, group company or it is important to be engaged in two kinds reaching two kinds of aboves the unit of economic activity, need to differentiate by economic activity further industrial activity unit.
Industrial activity unit should have at the same time the following 3 conditions:
(1) has a place, be engaged in plant or basically undertaking activity of a kind of economy;
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