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National economy classification of occupation and code GBT4754-2002
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(Production of 2) independent organization, manage or business activity;
(3) masters the data of accountant business accounting of income and defray.
3.2 countryside, town does and wholesale and the industry that the village runs, building, retail trade, traffic is carried, the unit such as sanitation of culture and education, have requirement of industrial activity unit, differentiate by economic activity property the industry that its belong to. Among them, countryside, town does a business but, but the sheet of each industry becomes put under industry ought to have the following requirement at the same time: A. Have fixed (or relatively fixed) facilities of manufacturing organization, place, production and the personnel that are engaged in industrial production; B. Be engaged in industry manufacturing an activity all the year round, or be engaged in seasonal time of manufacturing annual start working is in 3 months above; C. Have separate account, can produce industry departure business accounting with agricultural etc; D. Be versed in in place administration department registers business to register and receive business patent.
Give priority to in order to be engaged in agriculture to the itself in the country, and hold the farmer that makes a few industry manufacture activity or other production activity concurrently in certain accession only, be engaged in by its advocate course of study should put under agriculture.
4 encode method
4.1 new classification of occupation used line taxonomy, differentiate socioeconomy activity it is kinds class, big, in kind with group 4 class. Answer relatively with this, this systematic encode basically uses method of administrative levels encode. Class is not as close together as kinds big connection in the system, its encode and the encode method of big, medium, group are independent.
Specific he says, class used method of alphabetical order encode, use ABC namely... in order represents kind; Big in group basis grade is made and completely decimal, form three-layer the system of industrial category label that 4 digit word piles up. But while kinds big are participating in administrative levels to code, used method of digital order encode again, namely before code two express kinds big, from the 01 permutation that begin a basis to classify a system order is pressed ascend endow with a code to kinds big; Before 3 of code express respectively with before 4 in kind with group, every code from 1 begin to make up, by ascend its are listed suddenly, make up at most 9. Be like 82 express kinds big " line of business of information, advisory service " , 822 in expressing kind " advisory service line of business " , 822 represent group " accountant, audit, statistic consults service line of business " .
4.2 because was established in each of classification,contain " other " of model of written characters accept kind. To can mark these categories, every express with special number. Namely kinds of big code is. 99 " when, those who express kinds big accept kind; Medium kind of code with group not digit word is " 9 " when, in expressing respectively kind with group accept kind.
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