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Deal with " dangerous chemical business certificate "
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What is dangerous chemical? Include namely " dangerous goods the name of an article is expressed " (GB12268) medium article, and the virulent chemical that be in charge of a branch to decide about administration by the State Council and announces and catalog of other and dangerous chemical. Include explosive, compress gas and liquid gas body, combustible liquid, combustible solid, spontaneous combustion article and encounter wet tinderbox to taste, oxidizer and organic over- oxide, poisonous taste and corrosives. Always be engaged in chemical product, the company that includes dangerous chemical to manage (company) should deal with " dangerous chemical business certificate " . Dangerous chemical is special the evaluation is to be aimed at production, store, the unit that uses dangerous chemical, and the opinion that the dangerous and harmful element of the existence such as dangerous chemical has. Special and safe evaluation includes: Special safety evaluates a report to serve as a yearly check or get, the important basis that changes hair danger chemical to produce the licence, business certificate, letter that decide a dot.
Safe evaluation also is critical opinion. Safe evaluation is with implementing a system safety is a purpose, use principle of safe system project and method, the dangerous sex that exists to the system undertakes qualitative with quantitative analysis, find out the potential critical factor in the system, put forward corresponding safety precaution, the possibility that reachs the system produces an accident enters its consequence the evaluation of serious degree. Seek lowermost accident rate through the evaluation, least loss and best safety invest benefit.

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