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Application ICP business certificate submits data
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Application ICP business certificate submits data:
1." business certificate of Internet news service declares a watch " and " book of information safety responsibility "
2.Written application (build unit official seal) ;
3.The domain name registers a proof;
4.Company general situation, include company fundamental condition, the personnel case that pursues appreciation telecommunication business, field circumstance and establishment circumstance;
5.Business patent is valid Xerox (build enterprise official seal) or the enterprise registers a name to prove beforehand;
6.Company rules photocopy, build enterprise official seal;
7.The financial forms for reporting statistics with office of accountant of classics of company near future or audit authorized office or check endowment report;
8.Company building property right proves or rent a contract;
9.Business grows feasibility report, include business to develop content of analysis of plan, market, project to reach collect fees the content such as plan;
10.Technical program, involve what the short message serves to still need to submit the technical plan that about 60 days information is saved and harmful information filters.
11.Network and information safety ensure measure, include website safety to ensure safety of measure, information to keep secret safety of information of administrative system, user runs a system among them, indicate with crosshead respectively please; Involve what the short message serves to still must include 60 days information is saved and harmful information filters wait for administrative system;
12.Involve be engaged in news, publish, education, Medical Protection, medicines and chemical reagents and service of news of Internet of medical apparatus and instruments, ought to submit the approval document of examine and verify of relevant director branch;
13.Legal person delegate signs " affirmatory book " content includes: What industry of branch of the compliance that ensures user rights and interests, acceptance that runs telegraphic business lawfully, obedient director superintends is affirmatory. Appreciation telecommunication business certificate (namely) of ICP business certificate: Must deal with by the company, and register fund not be less than 1 million.

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