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Food sanitation licence (meal course of study is examined and approve) (examine
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Do not accord with a standard to applying material, do not grant to accept, fill in " sanitation of construction project food is preventive sanitation is examined do not grant to accept advice note " meet application person, supervise place to examine and approve division handling card to put on record to sanitation.
Working time limit: Instant
2, examine and verify:
Application material is all ready, standard, effective.
" collection of standard of food sanitation international " (place of standard of Chinese precaution academy of medical sciences is made up 1992, 1995, 1997, 1999, ) reach " hygiene standard for food uses manual " ;
(GB8950-GB8957 of limits of food company sanitation, GB12693-GB12698, GB13122-91, GB14881-94, GB17403-GB17404) ;
(" sanitation of lunch of Beijing student nutrition runs way (try out) " Beijing is defended prevent a word
[1999]91 date, on July 19, 1999) ;
(" Beijing sends food company wholesome standard (try out) " Beijing is defended prevent a word [1999]94 date,
On July 21, 1999) ;
(" sanitation of meal trade provision runs way " Ministry of Public Health of People's Republic of China makes the 10th on January 16, 2000) ;
(" production of small-sized meal industry manages Beijing place and establishment sanitation standard " Beijing is defended prevent
Word [1998]133 date;
(" sanitation of school student dining room controls Beijing middle and primary school administrative measure " Beijing defends disease to accuse a word
[2002]57 date) ;
(sanitation of company of production of student nutrition food is normative) [WS/103-1999]
This post responsibility person: Disease precaution controls personnel of examine and verify of division of central food sanitation
Post duty reachs attributive:
According to examine a standard to undertake spot survey produce the expected result is examined.
Accord with those who examine a standard, put forward " agree " opinion of examine and verify, turn application material and opinion of examine and verify reexamine personnel. Make " construction project is examined approbate a book " , inform construction of the unit, allow construction.
Do not accord with a standard, break down examine and verify, signing an application " break down examine and verify " opinion and reason, put forward to rectify and reform an opinion, food production manages an unit to press rectify and reform an opinion to organize construction. Personnel of examine and verify will " break down examine and verify " advice note is handed in accept personnel to put on record. Application person undertakes rectifying and reform inside formulary time, food production manages an unit to be restricted rectify and reform inside 30 weekday. During this inside the applicant must not be engaged in food manufacturing management activity, transgressor is pressed manage without card give by the health bureau administration is punished. Personnel of examine and verify of the classics after food produces management enterprise to rectify and reform answer check, eligible data switchs reexamine personnel; Unqualified person terminative examine and approve, in examine and approve flow sign on the watch " this application does not grant to approve " reexamine personnel turns after terminative opinion and reason.
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