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The vocational training orgnaization that social force holds
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Examine and approve project name: The vocational training orgnaization that social force holds (first, intermediate) (examine and approve kind)
Examine and approve project basis:
1, " social force managerial byelaw " (the State Council makes the 226th) (eleventh the 2nd, the 16th)

Examine and approve collect fees according to: Examine and approve a project not to collect fees originally
Examine and approve total time limit: 3 months (include an expert to evaluate time)
Examine and approve a program:
One, accept
Application holds a society to groom the orgnaization should submit following data to labor safeguard service
1, the application report that the person that hold signs.
2, plan to do a society to groom the constitution of the orgnaization, constitution includes the following item (the basis is Alexandrine) :
(1) name, the location of a school;
(2) managerial tenet, managerial dimensions, profession (type of work) setting, groom administrative levels and educational form;
(3) legal representative or chief generation, unmade order;
(4) system of constituent management system, pedagogic management system, management of one's status as a student, student examines appraisal system;
(5) financial management system, asset management and use principle;
(6) stop program and the processing of the asset after stopping;
(7) the matter that etc of rules modification procedure must regulate by constitution.
3, unit education the corporate organization proof that should issue the person that hold and photocopy, ranking administrator branch agrees with managerial proof file. Citizen individual applies for to run a school should refer local street to speak proof of provided competence of completely civil action and applicant Id and photocopy; (the basis is Alexandrine)
4, plan to assume the president or main administration controller and plan to hire technology of card of qualification of certificate of the Id that instructs a worker, record of formal schooling, teacher, profession grade or certificate of professional technology title and photocopy, draft the Id of personnel of the meeting that hire money, accountant book and photocopy; (the basis is Alexandrine)
5, plan to do a society to groom the proof file of the asset of the orgnaization and funds origin, the start up cost that asset proves that he must refer classics country to admit check endowment orgnaization to issue check endowment report; (the basis is Alexandrine)
6, office, groom and exercitation field proves. The society that has place oneself grooms orgnaization, should issue a landed authority to prove, the beard that rent or uses space submits the rental bond that has legal effectiveness, contract and notarial data, offer guarantor or bail proof at the same time; (the basis is Alexandrine)
7, prepare to construct outline of plan of program of plan, development, education, education and groom accordingly teaching material; (the basis is Alexandrine)
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