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The vocational training orgnaization that social force holds
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(4) have accord with administrative measure the full-time administrator that the 3rd chapter sets and with managerial profession (type of work) , the theory that photograph of grade, dimensions gets used to and exercitation tutor;
(5) have clear managerial purpose, groom outline of plan of target, education, education and groom teaching material, open a country to unite appraisal profession (type of work) the uniform requirement that should accord with labor to ensure service;
(6) have with groom what dimensions photograph suits is fixed groom place and equipment, establishment, open the profession with social strong versatility (type of work) its groom the orgnaization that exercitation place and equipment, establishment should achieve labor to ensure service to set sets a standard;
(7) have can contented groom the capital of need and steady funds source, register capital to must be in 300 thousand yuan of above (do not contain fixed assets) . Hold the society that has corporate organization to groom orgnaization, finance affairs ought to become independent business accounting, can assume civil responsibility independently;
(8) the society grooms the orgnaization rents groom place of classroom, exercitation must sign those who have legal effectiveness to rent bond, hold what advanced profession skill grooms to rent period must not little at 4 years;
(9) recruit accommodation to be born should have necessary board and lodging, safe safeguard and requirement of wholesome epidemic prevention;
(10) application holds advanced society to groom the orgnaization is divided outside having afore-mentioned managerial requirements, be on the waiting list still ought to be provided to get intermediate profession skill to groom in the meantime the corresponding and intermediate major that 3 years above, place applies for the qualification year groom the quantity achieves skill of 200 people above, intermediate profession to groom percent of pass (point to obtain letter of qualification of national profession technology 4 class) be in 3 years continuously 80% .
This post responsibility person: Obtain employment grooms personnel of division examine and verify
Post duty reachs attributive:
Undertake examine and verify according to standard of examine and verify.
Accord with a standard to application material, ought to accept immediately, fill in " administration examines and approve a project to accept advice note " , deliver the evidence when application person regards the approval that get as the file; Will apply material, after accepting advice note to arrange, fill in " examine and approve flow to express " , join staff of examine and verify.
Not complete to applying material, break down is examined and approve, fill in " administration examines and approve project break down to examine and approve advice note " , meet application person, wait for after data is complete, declare all right again.
Do not accord with a standard to application material, sign the opinion that does not agree with approval, along with applies material to return application person, and up one class puts on record.
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