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The country is industrial and commercial the condolatory telegram that total bur
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Provincial Party committee of Sichuan of the Communist Party of China, Sichuan saves people government:

Plain county and other places produced Gui Shengwen of be shocked to know on May 12 violent temblor, cause significant loss to people life property. The country is industrial and commercial industrial and commercial system of total bureau and whole nation is vast the cadre feels distressed, close watch is deeply concerned, express to express sympathy and solicitude for cordially to disaster area people through you to you sincerely, to the middle of this earthquake calamity unfortunate victim expresses deep-felt lamentation, to act vigorously battle is in officers and soldiers of officers and men of liberation army of the broad cadre masses of aseismatic forefront providing disaster relief, people, armed police and public security policemen pay great tribute!

The country is industrial and commercial total bureau is urgent already allocate funds 1 million yuan, supportive Sichuan province is industrial and commercial the system is aseismatic provide disaster relief. Requirement Sichuan saves industrial and commercial system below the broad cadre unified leader in government of provincial Party committee, province, aseismatic provide disaster relief as current first job, produce function effect adequately, severity is investigated violate management act, cogent uphold market order, ensure the market is supplied hard, cogent the earthquake relief work that has done oneself of industrial and commercial system. Issue urgent announcement quickly to whole system at the same time, area of border district of week of requirement disaster area saves city to be versed in commercial firm politics runs office, active assistance does good goods and materials to supply safeguard job about the branch, increase the market to superintend strength, cogent uphold market order, emphasize strengthen safety of current domain food to superintend, take strict precautions against fake food and unqualified food flow into the market, flow direction disaster area, flow in hand of stricken be hit by a natural adversity masses; The call is other province city is versed in commercial firm politics manages mechanism to be below the unified leader of local Party committee, government, carry on " one party has difficult, all directions to assist " spirit, had done actively boost disaster area aseismatic each job that provide disaster relief.

We believe, below the strong leadership of the Party Central Committee, the State Council, below the provincial Party committee, elaborate organization that saves a government, in the people of the whole country support energetically below, in disaster area the joint efforts of broad cadre masses falls, can capture certainly aseismatic the comprehensive victory that provide disaster relief!

Country of the Communist Party of China is versed in commercial firm politics runs total bureau leading Party group

Two years on May 14
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