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Good about be being done further earthquake relief work is cogent the urgent ann
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Good about be being done further earthquake relief work Cogent the urgent announcement that maintains market stability Each province, municipality, municipality directly under the Central Government and city of plan only kind, deputy provincial town is versed in management board of commercial firm politics:

On May 14, standing committee of central the Political Bureau again to sit a meeting, further research deploy earthquake relief work. Mechanism of various and industrial and commercial administration should carry out the unified deploy that fulfils spirit of standing committee of the Political Bureau central and the State Council seriously, produce effect of function of industrial and commercial administration adequately, do good earthquake relief work further, cogent maintain market stability. Concern item now urgent announcement is as follows: One, improve knowledge further, height takes earthquake relief work seriously. Mechanism of various and industrial and commercial administration wants cogent consolidate understanding and operation to center deploy and requirement to come up, enhance overall situation consciousness and sense of responsibility, below the unified leader of local Party committee, government, be sure to serve as earthquake relief work current the most important the urgentest task, not Wei is hard, fight continuously, unitive cooperation, had done hammer and tongs aseismatic the work that provide disaster relief and helps disaster area, the loss that does his best to cause seismic disaster reduces lowermost rate, had hit stoutly aseismatic provide disaster relief this tough fight.
2, promote flow of goods actively, ensure carry is gone to its shed the goods goods free of disaster area. Want to cooperate actively to organize supply of goods about the branch, market of safeguard disaster area is supplied, stimulative carry is mixed toward the necessaries of life such as the food of disaster area, vegetable medicines and chemical reagents is convenient and quick current. Should produce the effect that the association such as individual worker association, private enterprise association, market society organizes actively, guide individual and industrial and commercial door, the commodity that the private enterprise enlarges pair of disaster area is carried and sell, leave no stone unturned increases goods of disaster area market to supply.
3, increase the market to superintend strength, ensure order of disaster area market is stable. Want to strengthen the market to superintend further, increase strength of market go on a tour of inspection, severe blow bully goes bully city, with pretend to be true, shoddy, be short of jin short two, corner Ju Ji, drive up the behavior of the disturbed market order such as the price and dispersed and false information, cogent maintain market order and social stability. Should strengthen safety of current domain food to superintend particularly, take strict precautions against fake food and unqualified food flow into the market, flow direction disaster area, flow in hand of stricken be hit by a natural adversity masses. The safe platoon that should cooperate actively to make the market such as mart of good part trade, terminal market about the branch at the same time is checked, the job such as wholesome epidemic prevention.
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