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The country is industrial and commercial group of total bureau earthquake relief
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On May 16, the country is industrial and commercial group of total bureau earthquake relief work wades back and forth 16 hours, development is extensive industrial and commercial bureau undertakes yuan of city Qing Chuan county the situation of a disaster expresses sympathy and solicitude for and make an on-the-spot investigation. Liu Yuting emphasizes, industrial and commercial mechanism should be in aseismatic provide disaster relief, make the best of time to help a person while play function action stabilizes a victim to live. Blueness plain county is Sichuan province northernmost an earthquake weighs disaster area, also be Premier Wen Jiabao visits inspected heavy disaster area 15 days. 16 days, the working group is risking the danger that aftershock and hill stone often drop to come to Qing Chuan county, the Qing Chuan county that examined damage on the spot is industrial and commercial bureau office building and family member building, saw the cadre worker that guards working station in backbone of canopy of simple and easy earthquake. Liu Yuting communicated a state industrial and commercial total bureau leading Party group and Director Zhou Baihua are right the deep-felt care of worker of cadre of industrial and commercial bureau and its family member mixes Qing Chuan county greeting, encourage everybody make concerted effort, cross difficulty in all. He often enquires everybody lives how, good, the life most what be short of. He is grasping the hand of an emeritus cadre to say, you had a rough time, hold to again please. Face disaster, we want adamancy, should have hope, have courage. Ask everybody to believe, have the strong leader of the Party Central Committee, the State Council and local Party committee, government, have total bureau and whole system the care support of many 40 cadre, our life has been met. Everybody expresses in succession, appreciate the care support of total bureau and whole system. According to preliminary count, blueness plain county dies in the earthquake 1400 more than person, by bury 1000 much people, get hurt 10 thousand more than person, injure 1400 more than person again, basic life supplies the victim to still have safeguard, social order is normaller. Blueness plain county 151 cadres worker does not have industrial and commercial bureau death, flesh wound 5 people, area of dangerous house of prefectural bureau mechanism 2200 square metre, overall gap, building carries staff dormitory building on the head cave in, stair breaks down collapse, 9 industrial and commercial place break down entirely collapse. Although aftershock is ceaseless, but cadre worker mood is stabler, working position is good. Liu Yuting understood blueness plain county in detail earthquake relief work of industrial and commercial bureau and cogent fulfill industrial and commercial duty to stabilize victim life work to develop a case. As we have learned, industrial and commercial bureau is in blueness plain county after happening of the situation of a disaster, start the market quickly to superintend lash-up beforehand case, on one hand active share work providing disaster relief according to the deploy of government of county Party committee, county, appropriate finds a place for cadre worker reachs its household, fulfil industrial and commercial obligation actively on the other hand, guide individual and industrial and commercial door restore to manage, safeguard market is supplied, strengthen the market to superintend. Liu jade wells balanced the job of industrial and commercial to Qing Chuan county bureau offerred affirmation, ground of his sincere words and earnest wishes says, make the best of time to save a person to remain first job currently, we must leave no stone unturned, against time, overcome all hard dangerous and difficult road, do all one can captures the victory of aseismatic fight providing disaster relief. In hear Qing Chuan county when industrial and commercial bureau prepares to use tent to install 10 necessaries of lives to supply a dot, liu Yuting expresses, action of cogent play function stabilizes calamity the people's livelihood is the main task that industrial and commercial mechanism faces currently alive. The market is firm a victim life is firm, victim life is firm a society is firm. Disaster area each district is versed in trade body wants the different case according to the situation of a disaster, a variety of steps are taken below the circumstance that assures safety, should encourage actively especially, organization, guide, support is individual and industrial and commercial door begin production to manage, what promote disaster area necessaries of life actively is current and supply, ground of leave no stone unturned satisfies the life need of people. Be aimed at the case that examines on the spot, liu Yuting saved industrial and commercial bureau to put forward to asked at 3 o'clock to Sichuan: It is job of the statistic after becoming good disaster further, the circumstance of the respect such as well and truly statistic personal casualty and belongings loss, lay next solid foundations to provide disaster relief and rebuild. 2 it is active summary and market of the safeguard after popularizing calamity are supplied, maintain market stability, strengthen the market to superintend the experience that waits for a respect and practice. 3 it is to be in in the job will rebuilding after calamity henceforth, want to join the long-term program that basic level builds, hold to high starting point, high level. Up to on May 15 at 19 o'clock, sichuan saves The Ministry of Commerce and Industry of each district of industrial and commercial system the door all as aseismatic as province bureau headquarters providing disaster relief acquired connection. On May 15, province bureau issues an announcement, what management activity undertakes during asking complete province is versed in trade body defies shake provides disaster relief is individual and industrial and commercial door avoid receive market control to expend, those who allow to manage field to be damaged is individual and industrial and commercial door build canopy to manage, flow is managed, come to manage. That day, group of safety of food of aseismatic headquarters providing disaster relief returns province bureau terminal market of large to the Chengdu City provision and large chain supermarket undertook checking.

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