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"Borrowed" large sums of money up company
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In order to obtain the relevant qualifications, in Qimou with the help of the successful implementation of these Mou two jumps, the registered capital surged from 20 million to 1000 million. All money, accounts from other companies are Qimou "borrowed" to deceive the Department of Trade and Industry The door immediately after completion of verification is also back. The case has been transferred to Hi-tech District Prosecutor's investigation and prosecution. In accordance with national requirements, Transmission and Distribution Engineering Contractor to obtain three qualified companies must crossed the threshold of 10 million yuan registered capital. Cases a lack of funds and property suffer for verification, the provincial capital last September to find a Finance Company Limited Leader Qimou help. They agreed, by the Qimou responsible for all procedures, including the retrieval of verification of funds; cases the commission of a bear and other related costs, and on the spot to pay upfront costs 1 million. Qimou First, the administrative service center in Hefei Rush Hall looking for "cattle", "cattle" to provide verification of funds and expertise to help people take charge. In the "cattle" with the help of 20 million yuan of funds transferred to the case of a company from a company account. Soon, the operation in Qimou As, the case of a company incorporated. According Qimou intention to set up companies registered capital of 20 million is only the first step. Next, she was by the same means, "borrowing" to 9.8 million yuan, the company registered capital of a successful capital increase to 1,000 million. Completion of the first verification Three days, 9.8 million yuan has been kept back. The good news is that before the incident were not yet received a tertiary qualification Transmission and Distribution. He Qimou suspicion of false registered capital crimes will be severely punished by law.
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